Our Team

Fr. Epeli Qimaqima

Director of Vocations

Fr Epeli Qimaqima began his role as Vocations Director on 1 June 2015. He is originally from Fiji and is the eldest of four children. He migrated to Australia to work as a primary school teacher in 2002. During his teaching years in Sydney, his sense of the call to the priesthood took on a new phase; this was through his involvement with the families from the school, the Fijian community, the faith of the students, and the joy of the priests who worked at the school. He entered the seminary in 2006 and was ordained a priest on 4 August 2012 in St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney, with seven others. He is also Parish Priest of St Joachim Parish Lidcombe.

Contact Father Epeli directly
Email: fr.epeli.qimaqima@sydneycatholic.org | Phone: 02 9307 8421



Father Epeli ‘s Vocation Story

Fr. Daniele Russo

Assistant Director of Vocations

Father Daniele was born in Bankstown on October 18, 1990 and grew up in Greenacre where he attended primary school at Saint John Vianney. He was a student of Trinity Catholic College, Regents Park/Auburn for high school before beginning an Engineering and Commerce degree at the University of Sydney in 2009. He entered the Seminary of the Good Shepherd in 2010 and was sent to Rome to complete his studies in 2012. After ordination to the Priesthood on June 3, 2016 he returned to Rome where he recently graduated from the University of Saint Thomas Aquinas with a Licentiate Degree in Dogmatic Theology. He loves soccer and has continued to play and coach as a seminarian/priest in both Australia and Italy. He also enjoys carpentry work and even helped to build an English pub-style bar in Rome. He is the assistant Parish Priest of St Joachim Parish Lidcombe and Chaplain of the Sumner House of Discernment.

Contact Father Daniele directly
Email: Daniele.Russo@sydneycatholic.org | Phone: 02 9307 8421



Father Daniele’s Vocation Story

Joseph Vuicakau

Liaison & Research Officer

Email: joseph.vuicakau@sydneycatholic.org | Phone: 9307 8424